Welcome to QuiltCampus!

Since 2005, QuiltCampus, an online school for quilters, has been offering quilt classes. Our classes were taught by both new and well-known quilt teachers.

However, in the recent past, it has become easier for quilt teachers to give classes on their own websites. As well, sites like Craftsy and YouTube, to name just two, are now providing video lessons, so our type of service is no longer needed. Because of that, I have decided to discontinue QuiltCampus.

Instead, I have moved my attention to another service for quilters - one that helps in these difficult economic times.

The Quilt Pattern Magazine, first published in January of 2011, is my latest venture. It isn't just a magazine; it's an online family of quilters. It has been dubbed as "Awesome!" by our subscribers.

As an online-only publication, The Quilt Pattern Magazine, is unique.

For less than half a cent a day:
Free bonus pattern when you subscribe
More than 60 tested patterns per year
Interesting articles
Workshops, mysteries, BOMs and more
Membership in Pattern Pastiche



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